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Nightmare Night 2013

Just a little heads up, we will be hosting Nightmare Night for the 2013 calendar year!

Updates are to follow over the next few weeks, as I’m currently without a computer, but here’s a little teaser of what to expect!

Item 1: More Mods!

Last year I regrettably attempted to take on the entire blog myself, which proved a little overwhelming due to the tremendous popularity! As such, blog posts became rather dis-organised, being posted in clumps when I could get to the computer, making the entire thing look rather unprofessional. 

As a consequence, I will be taking on a small team of volunteers who would wish to involve themselves in such an event, for an example, we need an event organiser, blog page and/or promotional designer and a team of posters from different timezones who can demonstrate knowledge of the que function to keep posts running more smoothly.

If you’re interested in applying, watch this space!

Item 2: Better event structure

The 2012 event unfortunately seemed to be spread a bit thin, likely due to my genoristy in giving ponies AN ENTIRE MONTH in which to post their costumes. 

Those that are taken on as moderators will be invited to a special skype call (mic not not needed) in which an exchange of ideas shall take place to help make this event much bigger and more interesting although limited to a slightly smaller time frame over the month of october.

As a result, there should be a wide variety of interests that should appeal to many of you followers instead of just my 3 crappy ideas XD

And Finally…

A better Charity driven event/something completely different!

The charity driven portion of the event “offerings to nightmare moon" was unfortunately rather underwhelming. Last year we raised about £70 for Make a wish Foundation UK. Every little helps of course! But I couldn’t help but feel we could do better, so much better! And the poor turnout was likely due to my own shortcomings in organising the event, throughout which interest appeared to decline towards the end of the month (as is expected).

As a result, and per the previous points, a discussion will be held on how to make the most of this side of the event, possibly by doing a Raffle/giveaway with exciting prizes for donations! Everything about this portion of the event is of course very much in the air at this moment in time, but hopefully we can get some info on prizes and a solid sponsored charity soon!

That’s all for now! Keep watching your updates if you’re interested in having another fantastic Halloween/Nightmare night, next update will most likely be in about a week and a half or so’s time so we can start getting things planned :)

Have a fantastic summer!

~Dusk Pegasus


Discord: (Thinking) Oh so that’s it. What a wonderful, wonderful sight. Nothing stirs up quality disharmony quite like good old fashion bullying. I can practically taste the animosity between those five.

Discord: Huh? Screwball, where are you going?

OOC: I think this is my longest post so far if I’m not mistaken.


Ew ew EW! What is WRONG with all of these other versions of me?! Ohhhhhhh!!….

Please tell me I’m not going to grow up into this when I grow up! I want to turn into something epic.

All I wanted was food….All I found was disappointment…..

Wow….. this night really is full of nightmares isn’t it?

….I need a candy. A LOT of candy!…. Maybe sugar will get the gross mental images out of my brain….


Donation page

Just hit over $80 for make the wish foundation :D Keep up the good work guys!


Discord: I don’t know…

Discord: (Thinking) Me? Play normal games with a pony? As if. And those games are just so…conventional.

Screwball: You’ll never know if you don’t try! Please? It’ll be fun!

Discord: It’s just they’re not my kind of game.

Screwball: Oh…well, what kind of games do you like?

Discord: Hmm…I prefer games of chance. Most of those games are so…predictable. 

Screwball: Hmm…Then what about bobbing for apples?

Discord: Better…but it’s just so…normal.

Screwball: Good point…why don’t we play the spider toss, but blindfolded?

Discord: Blindfolded?

Screwball: That way its kind of like William Tell or Pin the Tail on the Pony? You’re pointed in the right direction and think you know where it is, but you can’t be sure.

Discord:…I have to admit…that actually sounds kind of fun…

(OOC: If I can develop a different enough art style for Screwball, I might show some of her artwork, not sure yet.)


…..When confronting a dangerous creature, whatever you do….

D͕̖̓ͮ͋ͨ̎̔o̺͙̮͍͂͐n̵͔͈̾͛̎̒͐ͯ’̪ͬ̾ͅt̹̠̲̟ͪ͒͑̑ͫ͊̚ ̦̠̪̊ͬ̀̈́͑͌̎M̮̈̆̇ͮ͛O̫̜̓͊C͖̩͕̹ͫͫ̽͒K̛̍ ̴̯̼̞͖ͭt̜͖͕̲͎̅̊̇͐́̌h͉̥̔̒̓ę̟͓̯͈͉͌ͯ̽̈ ̝̪͕̲̹̻̒̽ͥͅb͎͔͓̝͂̅͌ͥ̿͞u̹̻̓t̲͔͔͙̠̯͂̌t̢̤̃ ̵ͮͥ͋č̜͎̯͎͍ͧͤ̓̃͞a̝͍͍̜ͯ͊̅̎͆͊͟ņ̱̳̤͇̿ͪ͑͆̌̃́d̤̪̲͇͑̍ȳ͘….

….it will never end well….

(A response to the little fiasco here)

Nightmare Night, what a fright! Give somepony a wish that's bright!

Here’s the link to the donation page for the (completely optional) final leg of the event, offerings to nightmare moon! Be kind and make a donation (however large or small) to the wonderful make a wish foundation!




And this concludes our nightmare night story
Colab story with
Piggeh and MrChair’s story will be continuing soon

Gamey’s story will continue with another colab story with Piggeh

and thus concludes my first colab story 

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Part 12 of the Nightmare Night 2012 story.

The Artist: Due to college taking up some of my time, the Nightmare Night story will go on into November. To make up for the rest of the story being late I shall reveal that two of the main six will be appearing later on in this story as well as a character from another ask blog. That’s all for now.


Discord gave a small growl, looking up at the Alicorn before him. She returned his glare.

“Hello, Discord, I noticed you have been enjoying yourself,” the Princess of the Night replied, her tone almost overly formal. She may have gotten better at modern diction, but she still had some to learn.

“Quite, until now,” the former Draconequus replied, looking quite annoyed. “So what brings you to Ponyville? Come to see if I’ve learned the ‘magic of friendship’ and changed my ways or something like that?”

Luna gave an annoyed sigh. “Despite what you might believe, everything is not always about you. I am here because I made a promise last year and I intend to keep it. You were the last thing on my mind.”

Discord looked angry, almost insulted. 

Luna gave a growl. “That is until I discovered that somepony had panted my chariot pink.”

Discord smirked then gave a laugh. “Well it IS Nightmare Night, after all. Who says the Princess is exempt?”

Luna sighed. “I suppose you have a point…”

Discord gave an annoyed look. “I would think you of all ponies would understand a good prank, Lulu, considering how well you and Pakak got along.”

Luna gave a glare, a bit of genuine hurt in her eyes. “…I still cannot believe someone like you could be related to him.”

Discord scoffed. “Not my fault my brother didn’t get my jokes.”

Luna snarled…until the wind shifted, causing her to gag and cover her nose. “What is that horrid odor?”

Discord chuckled. “Just part of the costume.”

“Well it is most fitting, I shall admit.”

“Golden Apple!”

Discord’s eyes widened. “Screwball?”

Luna blinked, watching the mare trot up. The Princess of the Night noticed the mare had a limp in her right hind leg, which concerned her. The mare then noticed her and quickly bowed. “Happy Nightmare Night, Princess Luna! Where’s your costume?!”

Luna gave a blink. “Oh…our-my costume…I had forgotten that, my little pony…” she said, almost slipping back into the royal We when addressing a subject, old habits die hard. Something about this mare…she just seemed…familiar. But Luna couldn’t put her hoof on it.

“Oh…well why not go as yourself?”

Luna blinked. “I do not quite understand…”

“You’re already a really cool Alicorn! That’s awesome enough as it is, isn’t it?”

Luna couldn’t resist a chuckle. “Yes…I suppose it is…what is your name?”

“I’m Screwball! Glad to meet you! I didn’t make Nightmare Night last year…I was kind of busy…” Screwball looked saddened at a memory. To Luna’s surprise…she swore she saw the faintest shred of concern in Discord’s face.

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you. You know…”

“Golden Apple,” Discord responded, looking almost scared for a moment, though he quickly tried to hide it. ‘Why…why am I acting like this?’

Luna blinked, watching the former draconequus in confusion.

“Yeah, I know him! I was just coming to see if he’d come play some games before Nightmare Night is over, if that’s alright with you, your majesty.”

Luna looked quite confused. “Oh, that is no problem…I have somewhere to be as it is, enjoy the holiday, my little ponies.”

Luna trotted off, looking back to see Discord’s face. She blinked, unable to find a hint of malice as he began to talk to the mare. Discord was good at hiding his emotions…but not that good to someone who knew him as well as she or Celestia did. Discord actually looked…happy. Luna then gave a small smile. “Perhaps you are just what he needs, my little pony…I wish you luck…” she whispered, then headed off towards the plaza center. Her entrance would be far more subdued this time, thanks to a certain Draconequus.

OOC: First time drawing an Alicorn! I think it turned out quite well. First text based post in awhile too, hope it’s worth reading!